Rugby Players Rape Trial


So I am not a mathematical star but if you move that on from her lifetime alone what do you think the number would be? Of people still alive of course?

And that’s just reported?

Talk to anyone involved in social services, nurses, cops, rape crisis centres. Most sexual assault is not reported at all or is often withdrawn.


After viewing the narrative on this court case, its hard to believe why women wouldn’t report sexual assault.


Sexually assaulted fella.

Some professionals would suggest way way higher.

What’s disturbing now is ypu probably don’t even know what constitutes sexual assault.


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What I want to understand is why would she accuse them of rape and put herself through all this if it is a lie? What benefit is she getting out of this?


That’s about as valid as asking why would they rape her and put themselves through all this…


No its not. If as the accused are saying that she gave consent, then why has she accused them of rape and let it go this far?


Possible benefit is convincing herself, family and friends she was not a “slut”

I invert that because I would not call her that for experimenting sexually. But that possibly could have been the fear. Maybe activated by the girl walking in or something like that.

She may have feared Data Florence talking about her.

Who knows. But that’s a serious possibility.

It may have gathered speed way beyond what she even expected or was comfortable with then


What were her options?


It guarantees anonymity and no video of it being released once allegation of sexual assault is made. If that was a concern the allegation closes that down straight away.

Less cynically she was treated like a piece of meat and became upset at being used etc and she didn’t sign up for that. Then it takes a life of its own.


If PJ is telling the truth, witness/girl/SO/BM/RH are lying.

If SO is telling the truth,PJ/witness/girl lying.

If BM is telling the truth,PJ/RH/girl lying.

If RH is telling the truth,PJ/SO/BM/girl/taxi driver lying.

If girl is telling the truth, it’s just
the defendants lying …


That’s a ridiculously unintelligent post


If anyone makes a false rape allegation and it is proven to be false then those people should be named and shamed. I can understand the need for anonymity when the allegation is made to protect both parties (not sure it is the same in the UK probably not judging by this trial) and to encourage rape victims to come forward.

Maybe I am naive or something but I just cant see someone going through an examination at a rape clinic, numerous police interviews, meetings with solicitors and going all the way to trial just to make a false rape accusation.

I could understand it if she was trying to get some money out of Jackson but she went the next day, she didn’t hold out for a few days to see if he would pay her off or anything like that.



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