Rugby Players Rape Trial


It’s a crazy thing to do alright and it is unusual but then again so is this case


As opposed to your genius responses. And no it’s not - it’s pointing out that even if one of those losers are telling the truth, it makes, bar in one case which is BM’s, all unbiased/independent witnesses liars. Weird eh? And neither SO or PJ mentioned Dara Florence - a fact that lots on here said was “suspicious” that the complainant didn’t do the same - until it became clear she did tell police right after interview. They forgot about Dara - was too late to change the “digital penetration” crap by that stage.


To make a false allegation is extremely rare - to get a false allegation to court is much much rarer. Ireland have the lowest rates of conviction for rape in Europe, somewhere around 1% of those reported end in conviction.

Yet, people are adamant to focus on the men that are unfortunately wrongly imprisoned over the overwhelming number of rapists walking free (99.3%) and still cast the old “innocent until proven guilty” bollox, despite the fact that it is a crime notoriously difficult to prove and there’s automatically a 94% chance the alleged victim is telling the truth.

But yeah, let’s give four lads who are blatantly lying/hiding evidence the benefit of the doubt over her.

Say anything about it and “feminazi”, "emotional - load of “shite”…“oh we need a written contract to have sex now” and “won’t hold up in a court” , “glad you’re not on a jury”- or “yeah but her story is also shite” . 2018 folks… proud times.


I’m very conflicted here, the main sticking point for me is why would these lads openly brag about this sexual encounter the next day if they actually genuinely thought they’d raped someone? It just doesn’t seem right that they would brag about it knowing the seriousness of a rape allegation. That’s where I’m flummuxed and where the seed of reasonable doubt has set in. I’d hate to be a juror on this case.


Spot on.

And it’s not hard to work out which is most likely.


The case isnt been tried under an Irish court.


Spare me.


Spare you what? I’m just pointing out a slight error on your part.


They’re almost certainly lying. Happy?
(what about her?:japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:)


I didn’t say the case was being tried under Irish law, I just referred to it given we are I think for the most part living in the Republic.


What has Irish law to do with it? Come on now Ka.


Ka won’t discuss her story, because then it all falls apart. Better to quote statistics and forbid anyone saying anything about her accounts…
I did miss her though




Is that it now? Are the jury now out to make up their minds. The sooner the fucking better


All evidence heard now.

Prosecution and defence closing statements / remarks to follow.

Then judge will charge the jury, i.e. comments and instructions by judge to jury.

Then they’ll commence deliberations.


Wow, u seemed to have calmed them all down :+1:


It’s actually quite logical. @kos1987


A juror has a prior engagement from the 23rd of March so they will get a verdict out quick enough.


Where did you see that info @TreatyStones


No idea.