Rumours of a high profile celebrity death

Our COTY 2010

The fella who posted this up is the admin for the website so hardly a wind up~:

Twitter is absoutely buzzing with this. Fucking hell.

adrianweckler‎: Miriam O’Callaghan saying that Gerry Ryan is dead.
Twitter - seconds ago

Well after you’ve reached the lofty heights of COTY, there’s not much to live for, is there?

Just got confirmation off an Evening Herald journalist that the Ryan Line is now closed.

Any have him in Celeb deaths?

Runt probably does, he can do no wrong this week. Runt probably killed him in fact.

RIP Gerry, you fat ignorant shit.

From Twitter

@SeanMoncrieff cdps confirmed to us - Gerry Ryan found dead in apartment this morning.

Serious savings for the taxpayer right there

Just had it confirmed. He dead!

Lads whatever about a bit of banter and ballhopping a man has died for fuck sake,whatever about what we may have thought of him he was a character and for that i salute him.RIP.

This is an utterly tragic day for the forum. But with every cloud, there’s a silver lining. As we speak, Mick Galwey is being sworn in as COTY 2010 on a plane to Biarritz.

Appartently they were trying to keep this quiet until tonight but when the crane came to take away the body from the upstairs bedroom(they had to knock out the bedroom window to get him out) a few people got suspicious and called the press.

Just said that to my brother…
What was he on €800K pa?
Thats a €4m saving over 5 years.


Found floating in a bathful of curry chips. It’s what he would have wanted.

Breakingnews carrying the story now too.

Joe Duffy hasn’t heard yet. He has some “hilarious” “comedians” on at the moment doing some current affairs commentary. Scrap Saturday it ain’t.

I’m sorry now, wyt’s is right, but i actually nearly fell off the chair there. Thats the line of the year.

Not on RTE Radio 1 news, though apparently Brian Cowan is in Carlow. Whether thats related is unclear.