Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

They support the russian invasion do they?

I’m not. I’m for a peaceful resolution. You’ve taken to Donald Trump tactics of making scurrilous lies up to misrepresent someone’s position

As posted earlier.

You spouted off that it’s “a whole country effort” for the Ukrainians. Why don’t you inform us about the Ukrainian nationalism amongst magyars, ethnic russians and roma? What loyalty to kiev do you see there?

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You know who has no qualms about doing bidness with russia? Ukraine…putin is paying his bills and Vlad is happy to receive

Keep your tankie head down @glenshane.

What’s a tankie?

This should be over within a month and the war moved to Crimea… Ukraine have an abundance of top military equipment from all over the world. The Russians with their 1970s weaponry will be routed

Tankie - Wikipedia.

You are a tedious fucker all the same. Do you never get bored of being a tedious fucker or what?

I live for it.


RT is back up on me dodgy box.
Is the end in sight?

Fucking Ukranians

@glenshane is fucking seething.

Why do you keep tagging me with this stuff?

What other Ruchist shill do you want me to tag?


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Would you ever grow up? If there’s a post you’d like to address please go ahead.