Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

Same here…but let kindness be your guiding star and youll do just fine

Russia have deeper pockets.

What did yiu think of the interview @glenshane?

I watched the full version today, fascinating stuff.

He got the call anyway :joy:

Jesus, I got 14 likes for that post of my back room, the way ye were talking I thought it had broken some record.

And it’s hilarious, if you follow my posts for the next few weeks/months it’s the same two lads on about my junk room, still at it two years later :flushed::flushed:
You’re a wiz at deflecting in fairness, your lies about somebody threatening to contact your employer, which was very serious business to you the other day, and was the whole point of this exchange, is just a footnote now, it’s back to trackies back room as usual :joy:

You’re some softcock :man_shrugging:

Now, don’t go downplaying it. You did more than just post a photo - sure didn’t you go so far as to apply, only to have your application rejected?
It was quite heroic iirc. Your nerves were in tatters!

I thought the history lesson was unnecessary, maybe even a misjudgement- he should have opened with the role of the CIA in the balkans, nato expansion, the end of the cold war, fomenting jihadists and nazis etc. But most of the lads on here can barely follow a few soundbites…but they’re hardly interested in hearing much else regardless.
The key takeawayis that russia wanted negotiations before their invasion, took part in negotiations post invasion and are still prepared to find a diplomatic solution.
It was a fairly straightforward assessment, nothing controversial, no wild accusations etc. Tucker should have pushed back a little harder, but Putin had the measure of him…’ these are very subtle/complex questions’ etc.
Reminding the US that they’re 33 trillion in debt was a headshot

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Sure even if I made the whole thing up and posted a picture of somebody else’s house nobody was affected, if there’s no room in offer nobody loses our :man_shrugging: the enquiry was made but it was unsuitable accommodation, no privacy, no exclusive bathroom, kitchen facilities had to be shared with a family of 6, there were a number of issues raised, my wife made the phonecall, and we left it,
Its been 2 years and its come up hundreds of times, its a strange obsession that some of you lads have :man_shrugging:,

But the accusation is that it was a lie from the beginning, you made a pretty serious accusation the other day that somebody from here threatened to contact your employer, and you just want that to go away,
Now is it true or not? Does somebody here know who you are and threaten to go to your employer?


You’re such a baby :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Were you lying about the employer?

What employer?

Thats an AI video, it never happened

Good grief

I was looking at the breakdown. 180k on hamsters and gerbils. 550k on cats and dogs and the rest on miscellaneous like gold fish, tortoise, rabbits and amphibians

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I’m fine with the dogs, not so much the rest

Safe to say leo doesn’t give a flying fuck about cats, dogs or amphibians…i thought he sat up there when hamsters were mentioned right enough

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Obviously the diversity in pet type would lead to higher costs overall. Much easier tender for a load of dogs without having to accommodate assorted newts and what have you.

Lads OUTRAGED about the BIG ISSUES like spending a bit of loose change on bringing pets to Ireland for war torn refugees.

But sure as long as it contributes to generalised irrational anger against immigrants, sure its all good.

That McNamara is an absolute joke of a politician. Empty grandstanding bollix only worried about getting the votes of gullible simpletons to keep himself in a cushty job for life. And he only laughing at his voters the whole time.

Savage use of your time there

Was very common at the start. Loads had pets.

Not seen a single pet come in for 12 months or so.

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