Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

Your fatal flaw. It’ll be the death of you. You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear.

Clane mad

But the US say its okay for isreal to use US made weapons in Gaza.

Glas probably represents the non-thinking majority in Western europe. Anyone with half a brain would see the folly of giving Ukraine the means to destroy themselves further - they took it upon themselves to bomb civilian targets in belgorod. Russias inevitable response was to effortlessly push back the previously calm front lines around kharkiv. The more Ukraine attacks russia, the more land russia will designate as demilitarised zones.
We’re sleepwalking into ww3- it’s obvious to the US that the Ukrainians are as good as finished, but Biden can’t stop the slaughter because of his ego, and because of the upcoming election. Ukraine simply doesn’t have the soldiers, the artillery, or the air defences. So the only option is cosmetic pointless escalation - in the hope that biden can get over the line. But the dangers are real. Europe is a long way from the US - blinken and co won’t be too risk averse when it comes to setting the place on fire

So what’s your solution?
Hand Ukraine back to Russia?

They wait and see who they decide to bully next.

No offence but thats such a stupid attempt at summing up the reasons for this war.
The solution was minsk ii. But the west refused to back it. The next solution was the agreement struck un turkey a few months after the invasion…but the west sabotaged it. Now? Three options- military defeat of Ukraine, a negotiated settlement where russia keeps what it has and a neutral Ukraine survives, or ww3.

The karens here want millions of Ukrainians to die what ever option is taken

You’d lads on here who hid under the bed from Covid calling for the use of thermonuclear weapons against Russia.


In fairness, a few well placed nukes would help lower overpopulation and possibly slow global warming

They’re fiercely determined to defend a border that was drawn purely for administrative reasons back in the 70s.

The brain rot brigade having a completely normal one this morning I see :joy:

“Mobilisation squads”

It’s always young men who are fed into the butcher machine

They used to be called press gangs.
Twitter is awash with videos of young lads being literally dragged off the streets, meanwhile the guardian presents theae ghouls as a jovial pair out for a stroll and a friendly chat. A rag of a paper

Youd need your head examined to answer a 999 call in ukraine