Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

Russia punished. Grand…

For the invasion as a whole or is he referring to specific war crimes? what’s the aim here exactly?

You could argue the average russian has been punished with economic sanctions that the effects of are probably gonna rumble on for years. Do you heap more misery on them? What does history tell us about that?
It’s grand saying punish Russia but alienating Russia more is not a good long term strategy.

How else do you punish Russia here? Unless the country rises up and overthrows Putin and their military, no individuals will be served up. Obviously Putin and his cronies have done wrong but the type of punishment the west will deal out will only affect the poorer Russians.

So i can say I’m in favour of punishment @StoneCold but it’s very hard to envisage it making a difference as it won’t touch the cunts at the top.

Not a perfect comparison but fair enough. Stormont was intended to provide some sort of balanced political representation where power would be shared. The proposed parliament in donetsk would be inevitably dominated by russian leaning politicians

The DUP / Unionists of Ukraine

No…the russians were the rebels in this scenario

But you need to be careful harry. The forum purse clutchers will be along to accuse you of asking questions

I’d call them terms of ridicule. Terms of ridicule that are fully deserved.

The “just asking questions” mob who deny they are far right never, ever asked themselves why they find themselves in agreement with the far right on so much, on so many topics.

That’s not intellectual failure, it’s far, far worse than that.

The best way to monitor the movements of sex offenders internationally is extensive international co-operation and an international database of electronic records of individuals, something the just asking questions mob has consistently screamed against on a national level, never mind international.

When the “just asking questions” mob highlight a Romanian sex offender in Ireland, they aren’t doing so in order to protect women in Ireland, but put a red X over the head of every immigrant of particular “type” in this country, ie. those from eastern European countries, non-European countries, those of colour.

Andrew Tate, an absolute predator on women, an all round appalling piece of vermin who is up on charges of rape and sex trafficking in Romania, was and is a hero among the “just asking questions” mob.

You must have a nawful sore head with all this stuff

A classic Glenshane post. Glib, meaningless, passive aggressive, offers no opinions but yet implies the author’s opinions, and most of all, there, like an uncleared tray on a table at Burger King at 3am is there. It’s there, doing nothing, pointless.

You come across as very shrill and hysterical. You’re shrieking away about far right 24/7. A couple of years ago everything was alt-right. Is that really your world view?

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You come across like somebody who constantly looks at Eilis O’Hanlon’s tweets and endlessly regurgitates them.

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Fucking idiot. What fucking peace can they get now? Utterly fucking clueless.


Could you give us a clue then?

Ah yes I have you now. I’d say Russia has to be punished for both alright, somehow. You’re right that history teaches us to be careful here. I think it’s impossible at this stage to say what the outcome will be, whether any of the russian leadership will be personally brought to justice. At the least all the billions of assets already seized could be used for rebuilding Ukraine. Russia could also pay reparations at a level it can afford for a long time.

So keep fighting a war you can’t win and keep sustaining loss of life? The only idiot here is you but let it all out… After all, you and yours won’t be dying so what do you give a fuck?

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What makes you say they can’t win? Russia advanced as far as Kyiv and has been pushed all the way back to the east, last few months have been relatively even.

Big Ukrainian offensive expected when the ground hardens, and the Russians seem to be chewing through their conscripts and weapons at a rate of knots

Russia can and will go for years… They may not win but they have the ability to fight for decades if Putin wants. He is selling record oil levels to India and China and others to fund his war and has munition factories working around the clock…they won’t have the most up-to-date tech alright but he has more than enough to keep this going and turn large parts of Ukraine to rubble, which is clearly his plan now … he’s wiping out large areas and turning them to nothing and he can do it for years - effectively crippling sections of Ukraine and wiping them out for forever.

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Where are you getting this from? The uk, un and the us have all said the Ukrainians are using unsustainable amounts of artillery.
Do you even have the first clue of what the death toll is on either side?