Great to see the UK Civil Aviation Authority laying down the law to Ryanair about their behaviour. No fucking chance the irish equivalent doing the same the cowradly forlock tugging cunts.

Ahead of 5pm deadline, Ryanair confirms it will re-route customers on rival airlines http://jrnl.ie/3622602


That interview with the Dutch (?) chap from the European pilots association on the news sounded terrible for the Irish Aviation Authority as regards their adherence to safety regulations.

Is Jim Gavin going to stay silent about this too?


Have a read of the first paragraph Taz


The pressure came from the UK CAA. They’re the ones who raised the complaint that the airline was not in compliance this week.


There was a great buzz on the 20:25 Ryanair red-eye to Shannon tonight. A real defiance. A real “we will survive” feeling. All the customers seemed happy





Bomb hoax apparently. Sonic boom caused by RAF fighter jets scrambling to escort the plane.


Seems the two are connected alright.
The fighter jets were given permission to travel at supersonic speed to get to the Ryanair plane.


Would be a good pic for meme artists


Wing-Commander Julian Pimple-Poultice - “Tally-Ho, you mick rotters. Your pilot is due to go on leave immediately, I have his replacement aboard”


I suppose Ryanair will try nab a few pilots from Monarch ?


The ballsy guys are out there booking Ryanair flights left, right and centre. I booked my flights for the North London derby last night. €35 return to Gatwick, absolute bargain.


My flights ró Budapest dropped 50 overnight. Taking that.


How would I go about finding out when a Ryanair flight would be available to book? They recently announced a new route from Shannon but the flights aren’t available to book yet.


What do you mean, pal?


See my edit. They recently announced a new route from Shannon but the flights aren’t available to book yet.
I would like to find out when they will be available to book.


If it’s next summer then they won’t load that schedule till new year. The airline seasons run from April to October


I’m looking to fly in June. April is leaving it late to book.
There are other flights for next summer available to book now.


I think they normally do them six months in advance. If you’re to believe the general rule of thumb for Ryanair flights though, the optimum time to book is three months before the flight.