No- April is when the service starts but they’ll be on sale by January usually, could even be before then.


This site is pretty useful for timing the purchase of Ryanair tickets - http://www.airhint.com/

Compares current price with average price for that route.


That doesn’t happen too often especially over land. Would imagine there’s a few broken windows in the Suffolk area after that


Remember hearing the concorde boom near Heathrow years ago


What did it sound like, pal?



I doubt that’s what you heard near Heathrow. Concorde wasn’t allowed to go supersonic until it was west of the Irish coast




It was noisy anyway


It sounded like a pretend aviation story to me too


Ya Concorde tended to be a bit loud alright


True- Clare was only place in Europe blessed with the Concorde sonic boom


Year ?


Late 90s I’d say.


I booked 8 return flights to Shannon last week for under 300 pound


You are some man!


Any of the forum’s aviation experts able to offer a view on what the protocols the fighters scrambled to intercept a commercial aircraft are operating under. When and how would they engage and could that engagement ultimately lead to an attack by air to air missile.




You must be very homesick.


very organised and ballsy