blue shirt think in sponsored by usual captains of industry


He just likes to remind himself how good he has it on the mainland.
He has fintan in flsnnans also.


Look at this arsehole squirm.


His industrial relations model is coming back to bite him.
Absolutely delighted to see him crawling to his staff to save the company.


To save his own neck I’d say


Jayses. Is that right Einstein.


This will soften his cough and to think people wanted to put him in charge of the government departments.


Mick has resigned


O’Learys woes are continuing, now they are begging the pilots to come back. Good enough for the loud mouthed cunt bag. Hopefully those pilots tell him to fuck off. And to think people were calling for him to run some government departments.



O’Leary has caved in and will now recognise pilot unions throughout Europe. A huge embarrassment for him and a great victory for the staff.


Fair play to Michael, he’s nothing if not considerate of the need to pivot when required.


Michael again showing that he’s not afraid to change his opinion on things for the greater good. A superb leadership example. He should be running the country.


He’s the @Bandage of industry


And they both have personal drivers :clap:


Hes fucked, will more than likely leave Ryanair soon enough. His authority has been undermined so many times in the last 2 years he’s a lame duck, can’t be taken seriously anymore. What kind of 2 bit company has to reduce its capacity because a few of the staff take holidays? Jokeshop


Look up their share price there and then re-read your post. Its all optics.


The fundamentals continue to be sound.


I know the share price. I’m a share holder




You should try buying more than one mate.