I’d still be a share holder. That’s just silly


No mate you’d be a shareholder


Ryanair’s new baggage policy to take effect - with a big change for ‘non-priority’ customers


I’ve been on 5 Ryanair flights since October and I’ve had two check my bag in at the gate on every one of them.


I’m after paying for priority for a flight at the weekend. I’m assuming there still won’t be enough room for all the bags to go in the cabin - will they refund money if they have to go in the hold?


:smiley: ah yeah I’d say they will.


No doubt I’ll be told I paid for priority boarding not cabin space


Good to know


Also every one of those flights was at least 20 minutes late taking off.


How come only 5


More silly Ryanair bashing.
Instead of carrying your non checked bag on and fighting for a place to store it near your seat you leave it at the steps of the plane and collect it at baggage.
Ryanair have been doing this for a year now so a non story and no charges apply.


A number of people with priority boarding had to check their bags in on the last 2 flights although both of them were completely sold out and this wasn’t “policy” then either.


I walked back from one of the destinations.




I have used Ryanair four times in past 6 months and have ended up putting my bag into the hold each time at the gate and collecting from the belt.

I just checked in and got the boarding passes for another Ryanair trip on Thursday. We are taking hand luggage and expect to hand the bags over at the gate.

No change there.


Genius decision. He should be running the health service.


You’re some eejit. Just take off the tag they put on your bag and put it in your pocket or in the bun and walk on with you’re back.


And when they have to take your bag off the plane anyway because there’s no room in the overhead compartments? Happened to a few people in the last 2 flights, not worth the hassle. As more people pay the €5 to get their bag on there is less and less room in the overheads. It’s actually not a sustainable policy they’ve introduced if more people pay for priority then there is no real priority. Last flight I was on last week, people who paid the extra still had to put their bags in hold. Probably a quarter of the flight had paid for “priority”. I’d expect a change in policy very soon when people like @Raylan have paid for priority but have to queue behind 80 other people with priority and still have to put their bags in the hold.


Cunts expecting first class treatment after paying a train fare to fly 500 - 1500 miles.


There’s always room, move someone else’s bag. You seem very inept.