“There is not enough overhead cabin space for this volume of carry-on bags, which is causing boarding/flight delays,” the airline says.

Ryanair are just picking on @Horsebox so




most people are happy not to be lugging cases into the plane and fighting for space, o’leary is giving everyone a free check in bag that you have to carry to the gate or foot of the plane.
only a simpleton would complain about this.


If you’ve a bag checked in already it’s a no brainer to let them take your hand luggage. It’s great strolling down the terminal with nothing only a book or whatever in your hands


O’Leary should be running the country


this will only be an inconvenience for the halfwits who always need to open their suitcase mid flight.
this is a master stroke by o’leary


In the last 2 flights, 1 was 20 minutes late taking off and the other was about 45 minutes. Both flights sold out, they put about 100 people’s bags in the hold, about 50 or 60 of which they did at the gate as they were boarding. So 20 or 30 seconds to write the label and put it on the bag for every person which obviously adds up. I’d expect them to change the policy soon once all of their busy flights start being late. Plus I can see a “Priority boarding does not guarantee bringing your bag on board” type clause coming in very quickly once half the flight starts paying for Priority.


It is hilarious seeing the panic and annoyance on people’s faces when those “horrible” Ryanair staff come around looking for people to put their bags in the hold. I always volunteer to take up this marvellous free option and then walk on the plane relaxed with just my newspaper or book.


Oh I agree. It can be a bit annoying if there is a delay in getting the bag back from the carousel but otherwise I prefer them taking my bag so I’m boarding with a bottle of water and a book.


“Late taking off”? :smile: Did it arrive on time? Found so what has late taking off to do with anything?


Sure the only reason people were bringing their bags onto the plane in the first place was because it cost them money otherwise. Now, they’re desperate to keep doing it like sheep and they’re not even sure why. You couldn’t make it up.


First one arrived on time, the second one was an hour late arriving although this was due to strong headwinds apparently. I’m guessing you haven’t flown with them in the last couple of months. Adding an extra process (writing labels and attaching them to bags) for 100 people or more is going to cause a delay. Probably most of the time this will still mean arriving on time with Ryanair as they allow themselves plenty of wiggle room, unless it does actually take an hour and a half to fly from Dublin to London, but it’s also going to cause them to be late a lot more often now, particularly in busy airports where if you miss your slot to take off then you are back to the back of a long queue and could be sitting on the runway for 40 minutes or so.

You really seem to be struggling with this and you’re veering from angry insults to finding “late taking off” hilarious. Have you sand in your vagina?


Twenty minutes or so late on a point to point flight with no connecting flight isn’t going to make much of a difference is it? It’s not like you’re going to find a cure for cancer in that time.


they have been doing this for a year now and the girls as far as i can see are getting really good at writing the little yellow labels and peeling the stickers off, o’leary must have organised training courses for them.


Or because they were in a hurry at the other side


@Horsebox is some ticket


He’s an amazing guy. One of the greatest to ever grace this place.


One small little anecdote and he has the forum in a spin


I just don’t get the relevance of a flight being late taking off, except for the ground crew. They normally make up this time. And you said you prefer having your bag taken off you, which leads to a wait at the other end, but are complaining about this policy causing delays. I just don’t think there is any coherence in your series of posts here Horsey.


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