You need to step away from the internet mate. @Horsebox has led you on a merry dance here.


you’d swear it was high flying businessmen who were flying with Ryanair and loosing out on valuable time, the only ones complaining are cheapskate roasters who spent half an hour stuffing their 2 bags in the overhead locker anyway, delaying everyone getting on and off the plane


If they don’t reach Magaluf by 17:00 they will miss out on happy hour on the strip.


If every flight is 20 minutes late then the last flight of the day will be an hour and a half or so late. Some people showing a fundamental lack of understanding of the aviation industry and Ryanair’s business model here.


Quit while you are ahead mate.


Horsebox is seething because he doesn’t get to hear the trumpets and clap if the flight is late.


He’s an awful man for the scratchcards.


In the Ryanair model the relevance of late take off for the cabin staff or at least for those employed by agencies, is that they don’t get paid for non flying time.


It’ll only add a delay if it is being done in the period when they’d be filling the plane. In my experience it’s done pre-boarding when the passengers are just queueing - making no impact on turnaround time. Arguably, it saves time caused by every passenger trying to fit a monster bag into overheads with not enough space etc.




The staff get paid either way but agencies incur penalties if push back is late. As long as they get the door of the plane closed in time they’re grand.


Are the flights actually taking off late? My experience with ryanair has always been that the time they say the flight will depart is the time they actually open the gate at and start letting people board.


That’s the time on the boarding pass.


Ah Jaysus you don’t fall for the arrived on time shite. Be like Iarnord Eireann telling you Galway is a ten hour journey.


It’s being done when they’re filling the plane in my last few flights, hence the delays. That’s kind of my point. I realise it hasn’t been an issue up until recently. Just my observations flying with them in last few months since they unofficially started doing this. We’ll see how it pans out in next month or two.


Happy to give that number 10.


Sssshhh. Don’t ruin it for him. Ryanair just “make up the time” if they take off 30 minutes late yet still arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule in Cardiff.


Guys a query on connecting flights with Ryanair .

I plan to fly to London where I will be catching a connecting flight 3 hours after. I will have checked bags on both flights so I have two questions:

Will I have to collect baggage and recheck it in for the connecting flight or can Ryanair just divert it on to the next flight after I check it in in Dublin?

If so, is 3 hours adequate time to collect bags and recheck in, pass through security etc in peak summer time travel? I have had to check bags in with Ryanair before during the summer months and the queues can be horrendous.


The former

Which London airport? Could be cutting it fine


I have the option of Gatwick or Stansted.

If it’s the latter, then that should take the big rush out of it as I won’t have to do the checking in of the baggage?