I’ve not done it before, but I’ve a feeling you’d have to collect your bags from the carousel, exit through customs, queue up for bag drop again and then go through security. If you could travel with only hand luggage and pay for priority boarding so you’re guaranteed to get it in the overhead it could be an idea. Also, if the first flight is delayed you’re fucked.


I’ve done collect and recheck through Standsted. Should be no problem with that much time. You can get yourself the fast security queue as well for about a fiver.


Yeah, I’ll be going for an extended period so would probably need to check in extra luggage.


The bag drop is self service in Stansted now I think. Or some of it. The plan all depends on the first flight being on time of course.


Yep, and paying the extra to skip security queues.

@Cicero_Dandi, where are you flying to? Is there no other airline you could consider? You’re giving yourself a lot of hassle




Three shirts? Wow.


Not really. I’m kind of inflexible with my departure date.


He’s spoilt for choice flying to London. I personally wouldn’t risk flying Ryanair if I was connecting.


You being inflexible does not come as a surprise to me.


Really? That would be highly unusual and I’ve never had to do that for a connecting flight.


Is it the second flight that you’re inflexible on?

What time of day is your Dublin-London flight?

You’re basically betting on the Dublin-Stansted flight being on time or close to on time.

It probably will be, but I’ve had serious delays in the past on Ryanair (ex Stockholm Vasteras and Amsterdam). If it’s an early flight the likelihood of it being on time is higher and ex Dublin should raise that likelihood again - I’ve never had a serious delay on a flight out of Dublin.

But I would suggest a minimum of four hours gap to give you confidence that you will be in time to drop your baggage off for the connecting flight. If there’s any sort of delay with a three hour gap you’ll be sweating.


With Ryanair?


I can get out earlier alright but I don’t really fancy spending 6 hours in an airport. Only for the checked bags, it would be fine

My main question really comes down to the need to recheck in, I’m pretty sure I flew with British Airways before on a connect and I didn’t need to recheck the bags in for the connect flight. Not sure what the story is with Ryanair. If there is no need to check the luggage in again everything should be fine with 3 hours.


You’re dealing with apples and oranges here pal comparing BA with Ryanair


Well you’d imagine it would be a cost saving measure as less staffing needs at bag drop.

Does anyone know?


Here you go @Cicero_Dandi



Mac told you


Wow. They really are cunts :smiley:


You’d want your head examined to use connecting flights with Ryanair, unless you need to get in or out of some backward place east of Germany