So they only send your bags to your final destination at Rome?

What if I tell them I am Romanista?


They’ll tell you to fuck off


Lads, has anyone flown Ryanair since these new baggage restrictions came into play.

If you’re non priority do you just leave your bag at the steps of the plane or do you have to go to a bag drop prior to going through security ?


They will tag it and take it off you at the gate.


Good question.


Take it to the gate, they’l tag it and you’ll drop it at the steps of the plane.

A backpack can still be brought on.

6 euro gets your priority boarding and your bag on the plane if you’re that way inclined.


It is a fantastic new initiative that Ryanair have brought in. So easy as long as you are not precious


Fully agree


Yes. Just before you get to the steps they will take bag off you. I think it much improves the service


Irish Based Ryanair pilots are to strike for 24 hours next Thursday, July 12th


Orange bastards.


:expressionless: of course they fucking are.


What’s the story now with bringing a bag onboard?

If you book a standard fare, can you still bring one standard bag as before.
Not obvious from the booking procedure.


If it’s a small suitcase I think they just take them off you and put them in the hold, unless you pay extra for priority boarding. You will be fine with a laptop or backpack bag. Usually seems fairly chaotic boarding with them so you would probably get away with holding onto the suitcase if you wanted it in the cabin for whatever reason.


Thanks, will I be able to bring my handbag onboard as well?


I’m going to say yes. Make sure you bring a transparent, resealable bag for your concealer and perfume going through security though.


They will take the suitcase off you if you don’t have priority.


If it’s not too big you will be grand.


I don’t have much sympathy for the Ryanair pilots and staff here. They are shafting the customers at the minute. Why don’t they just leave and take up alternate employment with another airline?