The Pilots have Ryanair over a barrel here guys, years of being treated like shit and many of the less senior ones already up sticks to norweigan air. The pilot shortage in Europe means that Ryanair will have to treat staff better

On a side note , how long will it be before that vile cunt @Horsebox comes in with his clichéd “before Ryanair it cost 400 pounds to fly to London” , no mate, before deregulation it cost that :grinning::grinning::grinning:


That’s the way it’s gone now


They have, but being the top airline the market is saturated.



Trust a Fingallian to provide quality analysis of an Irish airline crisis


This will continue until someone blinks. It’ll have to be O Leary. He’s a slave to the shareholders of Ryanair and while the results have been excellent as soon as this starts to hit the shareholders where it hurts O Leary will be hunting bullocks and horses around Westmeath a lot more in the very near future


Maybe they should take up a different career.


The other issue that Ryanair have is that pilots are very well paid and can afford to drag the bollox out of this


Will this be sorted by August 23?


Yes. It’s premium holiday season. Ryanair need to concede something so their summer isn’t wiped. They will. Acting like cuts in the media cannot be endearing them to their staff. Therefore the staff won’t break.


Depends if you intimidate the pilots enough.


They should sack their staff.


And do what? Fly the planes themselves? Good man @Nembo_Kid, superb strategic thinking.


Outsource the jobs.


I salut my comrades in IALPA, it’s a pity they don’t handle their PR a little better, people don’t understand how serious the seniority issue is and I’ve no doubt a few of O Learys henchmen have abused it over the years, if the public realised this they’d no doubt get behind the union.


You may be onto something here. I know there’s a pilots shortage but most teachers are off at the moment. They could probably fly the planes til the end of august and demand subsides.


they’re actually represented by FORSA. thought a good shop stewart like you wouldve known that


Who said I was good ?


Ah the O’Leary answer to strikes in other areas, he is not so quick now is he. :slight_smile: And to think some people on here think he should be brought in to sort out the health service. O’Leary is a busted flush.


I think he’ll hold on but do a spectacular backtrack. Like he did years ago when people wouldn’t travel with them because of their aggressive enforcement of punitive rules, he wasn’t long about letting customers know that they’d changed their ways.


O’Leary is all talk, he is always on the radio spouting nonsense when there is a public sector strike saying sack them all or other such shite, he is not so forthcoming now the shoe is the on the other foot. Good enough for the cunt and his cunt of an airline.