The workers should be shown where the door is.


Who’d fly the planes for Ryanair then ? It’s far more costly to get agency staff.


Other pilots.


whats he going to do outsource to India?

He is a busted flush, all his tough talk on unions that fucking gobshites lapped up and proclaimed Michael their hero, now look at the bullshitter. Hasn’t been seen or heard off since, can’t wait to hear what he has to say the next time he sticks his oar in about a strike in the Public Sector.


They’d get nice conditions, I’m sure Ryanair would have to head hunt them.


Call their bluff. A bit like teachers where it’s the students that suffer, it’s the customers that suffer here.

If the workers feel unhappy about their pay and conditions then they should get a job elsewhere that satisfies these needs. At the moment it’s the people who have booked flights that are suffering.

By default, their demands are unreasonable.


The good thing about this is that air travel will get dearer and ergo less air travel .


Aren’t the vast majority of their staff already contractors?


Not sure.


The problem Ryanair have is that the pilots can leave the company and get jobs with other airlines. There is a pilot shortage that is the only reason why Ryanair let the union in is to keep hold of the pilots. To keep the planes in the air O’Leary has to deal with the unions.

This is the reason when I was booking the family holiday that I made sure the flights were with Aer Lingus and not Ryanair.


If they can leave and get jobs the why don’t they rather than striking? They are trying to hold the company to ransom to pay above market rates.


Why should they when they have the company by the balls? Do you think Ryanair want to lose the pilots? Look at the fuck up they had with their holiday roster last year. Ryanair cant afford to let the pilots leave despite their tough talk.


Why should they?

Because they’re not entitled to every demand they want. Do you give in to your kids when they throw a strop?


@Cicero_Dandi is one complex man. As well as an ardent Irish nationalist who identifies as Ulster-Italian. We now have to add capitalist Sinn Fein supporter


I’m a socialist.


@Julio_Geordio and his weird little black and white view of the world




An anti union socialist?


Green and white


It’s the ordinary man who these greedy Ryanair pilots are shafting. It’s a free world, plenty of other airline operators or industries to diversify in if they don’t like it.