The unions are holding the people to ransom.


A true comrade would understand their plight.


He’s obviously sweating over a cheap flight he booked.


Their plight is a fake one as nothing prevents them from seeking alternative employment.


Air travel and sun holidays should be out of reach of the common prole

Relative poverty started when lads on the scratcher were able to fly off to Benidorm for a week of frys and beer in the sun.


Applies to passengers too. If you fly with Ryanair you are getting cheap flights off the back of their IR policies.

Is it a Pyrrhic victory?



But my issue is with worker strikes. It’s the same with teachers, they should face severe consequences for strike action.


They lose a days pay and longer term they do suffer I expect.

What about a boycott? Should somebody be allowed to withdraw their participation in something they are aggrieved by.


If they don’t like their working conditions or remuneration they should look elsewhere rather than inconveniencing others.


If Ryanair paid market rates then they wouldn’t be haemhorraging pilots to the likes of Norwegian at crazy numbers.


If Norwegian are taking so many pilots then why don’t they all move over. Maybe Norwegian aren’t a sustainable business model.


It should be easy enough to re-train a forklift driver as a pilot.


ah yeah sure a day on a flight simulator and your good to go


Forklift > LUAS driver > Ryainair pilot. That’s the pathway.


so you shouldn’t be entitled to look for fair working conditions if your profession is public facing, in your opinion?

I’d say you’d pass a picket you cunt


Good article, kind of explains what employees are facing these days.


Multinationals have been getting rid of Unions for years. I worked for one for a few years and you couldn’t be in a Workers Union.

I worked with men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who absolutely despised their job and were there because they were pigeon holed and absolutely terrified of losing their jobs. These type of lads would accept pretty much anything from the employer.

Yerra, sure, just change jobs, you’ll be grand.


Only for the unions children would still be sweeping chimneys,some fellas can’t see that though and love to act the hero making money for the big man in the big house because he might get a pat on the back for it.


I “work” for one of those companies. They see ambition as a weakness and prey on those that show it.


The workers United will never be defeated.