AI will replace all jobs.


Ah the bitterness is clear now.


Accountancy is one of the professions that was rated extremely likely to be replaced by AI


Lolzers. You mistake a stance against inequality for bitterness. That’s the cap doffer within you.


everything can be replaced


Nah you’re a bitter bitter man. You hate the public service as they have a better lot than you and you hate capitalists because you are a monkey making money for them. You come up with the delusion that if only Ireland was more supportive of small businesses than maybe you could have one yourself and make some real coin.


Blockchain and AI will change things like bookkeeping and auditing drastically alright. It will be mostly the lower level and entry job functions replaced.


I can kind of understand your dislike of equality Tim. I probably would too l if my family had fought for imperialism but luckily they didn’t.


Maybe they should change job if they don’t like their conditions.


You’re referenced about 3:05 in


Scenes here in Stansted as the Martinez Lopez family arrive at the gate for their flight to somewhere in Spain a minute after it closes. It’s all Mauros fault as far as I can see as he had to have a coffee. He was full of the oul bravado at the start but then he was reduced to trying to catch the pilots eye by waving from the terminal and making prayer :pray: gestures with his hands. It didn’t work.

Young Maria was talking at the speed of sound and crying at the same time to the stony faced Ryanair staff.


You’d want your fucking head examined to fly with Ryanair


That’ll learn him.


It will, but will also, sadly, learn his family.


Man Refuses To Sit Next Elderly Black Woman On Ryanair Flight To London


Sounds like @GeoffreyBoycott


Looks like @GeoffreyBoycott


Rattled. Go back to figuring out the Cicero family tree.


Go back to beating women.