Dry your eyes Billy Bullshit. Run along to Grandma Cicero. Or maybe that should be Grandpa Cicero.


Hopefully the peelers charge Boycott for racially abusing the poor old lady.



Dead right.


The internet is a serious business!


Ryanair Bag check-in policy.

Am I reading this properly?
It seems impossible for a couple to book flights together and have different luggage requirements.

Meaning, if I check in a 20kg bag, then my wife has to as well???
I can’t check in one on my own???



That sounds wrong.


I’d say you’ve made a bollix of it.


There is a new luggage policy from Nov 1st.


yep, that’s the way its gone, you can book the luggage for yourself when you’ve processed the flights but surprise, surprise, its twice the price you would’ve paid.

book separate flights, if its adults, next time


I haven’t booked yet.

Can’t believe that is the policy.
Basically if we want to book in one 20kg bag and sit together, we have to book in two 20kg bags.


Book one 20kg bag and put your wife in it


She wouldn’t fit…


As long as you can book security fast track and priority boarding for yourself you should be fine.


what do you expect for a 20 quid flight? champagne?


To be able to sit with my good wife.

You’re ok, you have a private jet.


pay 7 pound extra and you can sit beside her


No can do. Extra bag is €25.


Somebody else give it a go there.

You don’t have to pay until the end.


book the flights separate