It’s fascinating to watch lad make a fool of himself on the Internet. After it was pointed out that you made a bollix of the booking you doubled down with more drivel instead of logging off for a while.


She sounds like a keeper.


Bit late now.


To add extra bags?


Customers rarely use Social Media to say that change is good.


I was looking for advice on booking a couple onto a Ryanair flight, seated together with one bag booked in.
It’s impossible to do at the initial booking stage. If you can do it then please post the details up here.


I know I did it last month, just book the two flights separately and then check out at the same time.


You should have used your boards.ie login for that


True, but my level of sarcasm is best suited to here.

Seriously though, thanks to anybody who tried to help.


You mean have two windows open at the same time?

I didn’t think of that one.


No add two flights to your cart you dimwit.


FYI, you won’t be able to open any of the windows on the plane, Ryanair or otherwise.


There’s no shopping cart in Ryanair.





Enjoy Milan bud.



I would if I could get it for that price.


Did you select Standard Fare? You can add bags and seat selection per passenger after that.


Ah, lovely screen shot, but it proves nothing.

Show me the shopping cart with two separate flights listed.