Choose a bag for Adult 1 and not Adult 2.


@habanerocat has spent nearly 24 hours on this flight booking escapade. He’ll prove us all wrong eventually.


Here, either sort yourself out or just go to a travel agent like they used to in the 1980s.

Chances are if you’re this clueless you’ll just spend your entire time abroad in the first Irish bar that you can find.


He’s on Rianair.com


I assume that your long winded way of saying I was right about there not being a Ryanair shopping cart?


The most fatal flight in TFK history.


You assume incorrectly. I was saying that you’re an idiot incapable of doing something quite simple.

@chocolatemice this popped into my inbox a few minutes after doing that trial search. it’s a sign.




I assume that’s your long winded way of trying to change the subject?


You know there’s ferries that you can use as well?

Or just head down to a fishing village and hitch a lift on a trawler.


I rest my case.


Some Munster fan should be able to advise him.


Pay for priority and book the bags in, you tight old git.


How can they call it priority when they sell it to most of the passengers.


That’s the genius of it.


I always laugh at mick the muldoon when they call priority boarding on ryanair and aerlingus flights, about 70% of the people waiting jump up and start queuing :joy:


And there’s a big line of them queuing up and then some auld bird marches up to the top thinking she’s the first one and suddenly realises she has to go to the back of the queue.


You must have an awful hard time keeping your hands off yourself


But not your cabin baggage,