See ye - Record your Kev Highlights here

See ye lads.

Been interesting.

It’s a total waste of time coming on here now. Stale and unimaginative. Just black and white discussion one after another. I decided I wasn’t doing myself, my business or family any good wasting another minute here. There used to be a bit of learning here or a challenge. It’s gone.

Too many people here too long, myself included.

Thanks @rocko for hosting and putting up with us.

Special thanks too to the lads I actually got business out of, some of which led to quite actually bit of on going business. Really appreciate it. Ye know who ye are.

Later fools

  • will leave account open till tomorrow. Few emails need getting or giving

You’re welcome mate.

Be safe.

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All the best Kev.

You gave great entertainment at times and could be a complete headbanger.

I always sensed you were an alright sort though - most of the time.

Good luck Kev.

nothing lasts forever

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this is the end of TFK



Fare the well . I often think of you had a bit more self confidence you could do better in like . Just a hunch I have .

Kev isnt the only one sickened by Limerick winning the AI — he was merely the first to fold in disgust. When he talked about Limerick mental weakness a few weeks before Limerick walked all over Cork in the semi final, you knew it was the beginning of the end for him.


Kev you’re a top lad, you have clearly outgrown us simpletons. Go shag a million Cark milfs.

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you wont last it, you know you’ll be back when you see some lad asking about the best drills for handpassing!

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Also Kev, I just wanted to say Cark are shite at all sports. I have complete and utter contempt for a people who would let their Kerry neighbours beat them by 17 points and then just shrug their shoulders and say they’re not a footballing county or blame it on the Dubs funding or some such shite.

Home of Donal Og, Queen, @HBV and I’m glad you’ve fucked off.

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Or for fisting?

The only man never to be never beaten in a argument on here, one of the greatest of all time


Can we get one last people Kev knows?


ah no, one of the all time greats
ill probably fuck off now too


This is a great day.



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when the need was greatest @caoimhaoin would often land some fella on his hole using nothing but facts.


Now that Limerick are All Ireland Champions, there are no more worlds to conquer on TFK.