Shaving Thread


Had a nasty shave there. Don’t know why - I only had about 3 days growth.


a cup of htfu will sort that for you farmer


Calling all modern and chic males.

At what stage do you actually shave in this process:

1 - face cleansing
2 - exfoliation
3 - skin hydrating masque
4 - moisturiser


After I wax my arse


Here you go Totti, everything you need to know about scraping hair off your face with a blade



Thanks lads.


TFK safety razor users, can you recommend a model? I hear Merkur are a good brand.


Lads, I have taken to shaving against the grain recently, it is getting me a much closer shave and I’m happy with the end product but I have now had to remove an ingrown hair.

Any advice on techniques to get a closer shave without going against the grain?


I always go against the grain, presumed most people did?


I’d go against the grain under my chin and neck. I always thought it was bad to do it on the face. I use the Gillette Fusion and it leaves nothing.


Have you ever encountered ingrown hairs?


That’s why you’ve a face like a smacked arse.


You could get yourself one of these lads totti.


Not to my knowledge.


I burst one of my nipples shaving my chest on Sunday. It was


Shaving is difficult for me as I’m blind in one eye.


Shave in the shower it always gets a closer shave, something to do with the steam openiNg the pores and softening the hairs.


I tend to cut myself more while shaving in the shower.


where do the similarities with gordon banks end?