Shit that makes you feel old


We’ll be bring Ballyragget to us



Our lads talked about a few counties over the years. Its a scandal we never made senior. But i would say a little bit of politics, poor prep and thinking we were better than we were contributed. Now adult club is a joke.




Sidney and hbv.


Mount Sion must be due their twentieth since winning a Waterford senior championship soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


10 years this year. But you won’t find us celebrating it.


Why not though? Thats a ridiculous attitude.

Individual players may only have won 1. Some senior players never won one. Is it not about them and respect for them.

Can’t be summer all the time.

Not to mention the fact that this is just a load of lads meeting up again


Agreed. Celebrating old victories and meeting up again is always a good thing.


Not losing the keys to your manopause motorbike?


2006 - 11 years and counting


Don’t be jelus.


One of them has only ever won two counties at adult level.


We only have 1



Marty Whelan was telling us this morning that today was " Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame" birthday. He asked the girl doing the traffic report if she remembered Miami Vice to which she replied she had never heard of Don Johnson or Miami Vice


Teenage mother, Sarah Louise Platt’s daughter is now a teenager. Jesus.


She is working as a pole dancer having previously been pimped out by an older manipulative boyfriend .

Britain is broken .


She actually looks like her mother


Don’t believe soaps. Soap time is warped.


Cracking music