Shit that makes you feel old


Youngest doing her entrance exam on Saturday


The Big Lebowski is 20 years old…jaysus


Fuck it I saw that when it came out…must have been nearly 20 years ago. The cunt was in his mid forties then. He must be 60 now. 20 me arse.


Eldest just finished junior cert Pre’s :open_mouth:


And it’s still as shit now as it was when it was released.


It wasn’t great truth told .


Meeting people I went to school with. Wrinkly fat middle aged bastards. How did I escape…


They were your teachers


This song came out 35 years ago


24-year-old work mate pipes up on Monday ‘Did you know that Gary Lineker used to play football before he was on Match of the Day?’.


I hope you gave him a slap


Slap a millennial? Are you mad?

I’d end up as the person blamed for a lack of resilience, onset depression and dependency on validation from social media heroes like Bressie.


Bressie will be lucky if a van of clinical psychologists in white coats don’t come along some day and take him away


I’d say he’s safe enough.



They might pick him up on the way to your place.


He is dangerous by all accounts


Me fella.

I’m a beacon of psychological stability.

Why do you think half the fuckwits on this place are running are round are round fter me like choccos little puppy


You have destroyed the lives of 3 or 4 lads here. They have dedicated their lives to following you around


You drunk buddy?


Destroyed? He’s done the opposite in fact, he’s given some of them a focus and reason to exist.