Shit that makes you feel old

He just told me he lost to a lad who had soaked his in vinegar so it resembled a grey rock. My lad was using one that he’d dried from last year and painted in nail varnish. Took him two days to lose.

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Ha - Great stuff. Takes me back. Great to see him into conkers.

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Soak in vinegar for a week or do, dry it in the oven on a very low heat and then paint in clear nail varnish

Cookers used to be serious business


As in Eurovision Mickey?

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Is there another one?

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They must have been breeding fast! Although having looked up his age he is 49. Thought he’d be younger but I suppose 2003 is nearly 20 years ago now.

He had his first kid at 18 apparently, who is the parent of the grandchild.

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Buddy of mine was a grandfather at the age of 47. Gave him some slagging over it.

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I remember reading about Rai, the Brazilian footballer who was Socrates’s younger brother.

He was a grandfather at 34 or something mad like that.

Just saw Wally O’Neill outside Tescos there. Jaysus he’s an awful state. Don’t think I’ve seen him since the day we got the leaving results.


Not a spot.


Bad news like Creeslough, and then recounting other tragedies in the past like The Stardust and Whiddy Island.

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Bate that by a good few years

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I’ve a distance cousin who was a grandmother at 33.

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Different times
But it happens
Up north in the 80 s We had 6 kids another’ otw but we still had one of the smallest families in the street

Across the road the Kelly’s had 17 boys one girl
Right next door the Collins had 23 kids

Both families kids went in to have loads aswell some v v Young grandads included

Down here it’s all one or 2 kids atm
And we’d nothing tbh but survived

I wouldn’t do it again if I could go back
One child would be just right-


Any youngsters who don’t recognise it, I wonder when they stopped doing them?

I dont have a notion what it is


Very needy to have to post it twice. I got one on holiday once, here it is

What is it?