Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


It’s a Frapp
@myboyblue runs on those


they must be the only one so. for whatever reason, maybe because we are poor muldoons, but our area and a couple of others in this region are deis schools and ham is very much on the menu for the free lunches. get a choice of meats and salads and whatever filling they want in whatever type of bread, roll or wrap. Mainly local shops/delis that provide the food to these schools, not one large scale business.


The school used to get all that too. Think it was Pallas foods but from this september onwards this is changing. Not sure if your local schools are back yet but I’d be interested to hear is it the same in other schools or just this one?


yeah we got the menu and all for the year ahead. Ham rolls all the way bro.


You should ring the papers mate. They’ll have a field day and it’ll be ham for breakfast lunch and dinner


As you can probably understand the situation will be felt much more in Tipperary. Ham sandwiches are our bread and butter.


What manner of prick would want or need to seek a round of applause when they get their coffee?


He hasn’t got this right. It’s a department of education initiative.
Treats like digestives only allowed twice a week instead of every day, Ham sandwiches allowed twice a week (that ham is shockingly bad for you), white bread three days a week.
It’s nothing to do with muslims, just an attempt to deal with the obesity and general poor health epidemic.


Do kids really look forward to white bread and plastic ham that much?

If the Department are encouraging healthy eating then just do it everyday?


They do when they aren’t getting fed at home.


Plain ham sandwiches or rolls are by far the most popular items in my experience, I could open a fruit stall with all that is left behind.



Ah that explains it. However bad ham sandwiches are they are probably still better than the 5 in 1s or 3 in 1s that they buy in the local Chinese or snack box in the local chipper. The amount of waste is incredible alright. Half of it is thrown out.


You can’t do anything about what they eat at home unfortunately, all you can do is teach them about nutrition and show an example,
Schools really need to crack down on shitty lunches, it’s left up to individual teachers in most cases


A lot of schools do in fairness. Most would have a decent nod to healthy food and very few would still be banging out the chicken fillet rolls. Although Curry(chip) fridays are still a matter of huge excitement for many schools.


I’ve no idea what you’re on about here


I’m talking about the varying quality of school lunches around the country. It followed on from where you said, 'Schools really need to crack down on shitty lunches… Jeez Teach.



Will it be enough to get him elected though?