Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)





You probably can’t refer to them as steamers so!


Is the fat controller still there?


She is


:smile: that’s gas


Poor old glas


our school is some lazy fucking set up. So they sent out a whatsapp to one or 2 parents of junior classes for the new menu and some of the parents have been going mad. Similar to what you say, but not as extreme, but they can only pick on type of bread and one type of filling per weekday, so cant load up on the same lunch every day. I’m not sure if it was limited or not before, we’d have been fine picking random stuff for each day and having the variety in it, but some parents (mothers) are going mental over it. Will have to wait and see until they actually send out the menu but dont think it will affect us too much either way. Everything that was there is still there, just restrictions on repeating them now.

One thing that they are doing which is fairly stupid is they are stopping giving out bottles of water to each child and instead they will use cups and get tap water. I’d say the hygiene aspect will be well monitored. Sending in a water bottle will be the job here.


Just to confirm, some parents are designated to act as a link between the school and the parents, they have told the rest of the class what is allowed for lunch and this has caused pushback?


no, no designated link at all. Some parents go wind of the new menu, started sending out messages to others and one in particular is trying to rally others in to push against it because her kid is a fussy eater. Its a mess, but I’m staying well clear. Mothers with too much time on their hands. We’ll get the menus and details sometime this week I’d imagine. School only started back today here.


Menus? WTF? Do you not give the kids a packed lunch?


Catch up pal. We’re poor depressed boggers so get free meals. @johnnysachs brother teaches in one of these depraved schools too in Tipp.


The world is fucked, kid. Menus for the little darlings but that is not enough.

I despair.


A carton of milk or Benny Bunny was the only option in the good old days, which the parents paid for. Now the parents want the option of focaccia or spelt bread.


Warm milk it was as well


A menu. Holy god.

I presume there needs to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal options.


No wonder the country’s in pratie ground


So there is such a thing as a free lunch?


You don’t know the meaning of poor… Menus… By God.


Yup, not sure how the school has qualified for the Deis scheme. But sure, it is what it is.

Think @Horsebox and @Ambrose_McNulty have the wrong end of the spolt stick too. The vast majority of kids on these schemes get fuck all decent feeding outside of school and its not about pretentious ones looking for fancy food. A lot of the kids are wanting the bog standard shite, but the department guidelines as @backinatracksuit explained above is about improving these kids nutritional awareness and get them eating healthy. So kids are only allowed have white bread for one lunch per week as an example, options for rolls, wraps etc then for other days. Its a great initiative to help kids eat healthy and I’m delighted its free lunches.