Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)




I can’t really make much sense of what you’re saying there Flatty. And the other latchico is there screaming about lefties when his part of the world is governed by the right, and has essentially been so for 40 years now. You couldn’t make it up.


We will win the war with these pricks in certain of it. Right is on our side and the arious consequences of their crazy fucked up bullshit is beginning to emerge.


Drunk again.


Javid is right, the stats are there.

He needs to be more specific though. Those scumbags need to be burnt at the stake.


Sajid Javid has rightly mugged off the guardian here by being a Pakistani himself.


Childeren were raped you disgusting little prick. This is not an appropriate topic for your trademark cowardly snide and juvenile nonsense.


For 25% of young adults, the 2016 US election was a ‘traumatic experience’


You know some lad with the handle “Daddy Files” is going to be an attention seeking wanker seeking likes and retweets off the back of his children, but this chap wants to go viral at the expense of his kid being bullied.


A token tagging of a huge NFL star? And his franchise?

Tick and tick.


Fuxake. The number of loikes is depressing.


christ. and a fucking disgusting Patriots fan too.

I see in the first comment after that the child has already been diagnosed with ADHD too. Not surprising I suppose.



“Sam was ridiculed for being a boy with nail polish”

That will learn Sam.


“today Sam went to school and learned what a dick his father is”



That’s a damning indictment of me.


I don’t think parents have the time to be telling their kids that nail polish on boys is wrong.

Do pricks like this think parents have an hour each morning schooling their kids on gender bias?

This fella needs to be told that kids are little cunts and will pick up on any and all signs of weakness or difference to establish a social order.

*He probably should have social services in for putting a picture of his child up on social media


I’d say the same lad sent the young lad off to school with the nails painted only praying there’d be a reaction he could be outraged by


My rage meter is spiking right now.