Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Spot on. We had a great time.


Thinly veiled we don’t have to book shit to get you lot to buy these tickets.

“Electric Picnic has never been about that. Pete Tong last night was amazing, and everyone knows all of Duran Duran’s songs; it should be brilliant tonight and the weather looks good.

“If people want the superstar acts on the stage they can always catch them. Electric Picnic has always thrived on being that little bit different, that little bit diverse.”


After the stroke they pulled with the line up and seeing that photo of Kerr and Yates at it, I will never ever buy a ticket for this thing again.


Like buff egan it has peaked .



Don’t worry mate - it was one of those modern orchestra efforts. Basically Jenny Greene with a (bigger) cock.


I’d say Gerard Pique is a bit of a snowflake.


Attention seeking bollix


What has he done?


He will be as much a hero to the Catalans as Zvonomir Boban is to the Croats.


Has offered to quit the Spanish football team, while weeping like a glasagusban.


This shit got real serious.

Dead right though, you couldn’t play gor those facist cunts now.

Small bit easier too though when you have it all done and are reaching the end




i wonder will he hand back all the winners medals he won with Spain?


I’m sure they mean nothing to him now.


Bit of a stupid argument/jibe.

He won them playing for a country who did not beat their citizens for no reason


I wouldn’t mind having Shakira’s shoulder to cry on and she singing me to sleep!


Based on all evidence available, Pique likes to cry on the shoulder of big strong men.


why doesnt he withdraw his services then, some wishy washy statement about stepping aside if the spanish association have an issue with him is not exactly the martydom that the usual suspects expect from their heros


He has no problem playing in the Spanish league either.