Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


I wonder did he try and talk with the other kids’ parents before he tried to talk with the Gronk?


Don’t playfully slag off your pals or take the piss out of yourself in a self deprecating manner or you may spiral into a sea of self doubt and self loathing.


Way too late


I thought about your forehead and my square head and @Mac ‘s hook nose while reading that.






Jesus Christ Neil franno francis has this crowd frothing at the mouth



Not long before this episode, on the evening of March 3, 1991, but 8,300km away in Los Angeles, Rodney King made a decision that would make America burn.

Helms and Allen complied with the police instructions to get out of the car and lie in the prone position. King refused to decamp; he was incoherent, became aggressive, and resisted arrest. The rest is history.

Francis is as close to an irredeemable cunt as there’s is in the Irish media. He sounds like Edward Norton’s new-nazi character in American History X.

The thought of Francis and his mates having to look deep inside themselves and make a moral judgment on whether to play Apartheid era South Africa…


Franno’s piece on Ned Thornton of UCD Rugby club who died recently was a thing of beauty.

The type of rugby story that lapsed poster @mickee321 enjoyed.


That criminal convictions anecdote



You must have some good stories from Malahide yourself?


Its an old enough quip mate, puts the validity of the whole article into question


They’ve gotten rid of Apu :disappointed_relieved:


Granted the Simpsons is shit now.


It’s been shit for years pal.




Decades at this stage


Not all fun and games at Snowflake central. Workers stage walkout at google over sexual misconduct. So much for games rooms, free food, chill out areas and the like.


Jesus wept