Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


She nearly died a few years ago when she got pulled into a round bale wrapper


Why do you look this shit up? :joy:


I didn’t, it was on the beeb website


You just happen to come across all this stuff that outrages you :roll_eyes:


Yes. Didn’t you know most public service broadcasters are full of virtue signallers, the beeb must be like pornhub to people like you now


It’s just weird that you’d be looking up whatever section of the website that would be on, and that you’d click into it.


No, I sent it to him you little prick.


Makes sense so.


:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:


Can you remember the last time you were ‘super concerned’ about anything?


Daithi Burkes ankle last August maybe


My huel supply was running low and the new supppy hadnt arrived


I think it’s important to note that she is not just concerned, she is super concerned.


Sure every Irishman grew up with a woman who responded to his voice commands and who was herself super concerned.

His mother.


Next thing we’ll have men wanting to be women and vice versa.



The Oirish in America are a painful bunch.

Fionnuala Fisk, Fairfax County, Virginia: ‘I was crying in the polling station’

I was crying in the polling station while my boyfriend, an American citizen, voted today. I’m currently filling out my citizenship form to become a citizen myself after years on a green card, but standing there in the polling station watching people exercise their civic duty just reminded me that, despite everything these past two years, democracy is a beautiful, brave endeavour.




Were well rid of all the cunts in that article


Its like she’s experiencing democracy for the first time.