Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Could you do the board a favour and run her over next time you’re in America. If you haven’t run out of battery?


These snowflakes do a lot of crying at normal mundane things.


If he’s.any wit at all he’ll have her deported.


Most Irish in America are trump fans in my experience. Certainly all the lads I know who have emigrated bar one are all fans of the Don.


Most Irish in America … well, the ones I know … :rofl:


Yes that’s what in my experience means… Keep reading and learning kid


5 lads = Most Irish in America.

There’s 5 gee bags in that article Brian posted voting the other way - so in my experience, most Irish in America are anti Trump.


Anybody crying in a polling station should not be allowed to vote.

Unless they have stubbed a toe or body part on the furniture.


Good for you my experience differs. Perhaps limerick people who emigrated became more refined in their outlook but the ones I know personally didn’t.


Most Irish in America I know can’t fucking vote


Can they read?


Some can ; others iffy .


The ‘undocumented’ oirish in America should be deported for being illegal, every one of the gas cunts.


I hope they get arrested, get anally probed and then sent packing back to Ireland in time for next year’s General election so we can see these tards in tears casting their vote .



Hard to argue with his logic there. Although he might miss 69 as a conversation starter. 47 just won’t generate quite the same level of risqué Tinder messages.


I’ll second this. All of my extensive family in NY are trump supporters.

I find that a little bit odd.


The pedos will be all over this if he succeeds.


This should be good.


How so?