Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


There’s nowt as queer as folk.


case is done

wont be anything worth watching unless there’s an appeal


The reaction of the snowflake feminist brigade on Twitter etc to the decision of the mother to bestow almost everything to the sons.


Bit of a stretch. Throw up a few examples of it there.


Don’t matter a fuck now kid. They’ll probably have to sell off most of it the legal fees


I expect a snowflake backlash against this Father (assuming it’s the goalies Father)


3 times already posted.

cc @carryharry


Apologies to all
Need to up my game


Dont ever apologize on the internet. Especially not to a cunt like @Gman.


Fair point


Younger irish would vote democrat,older oirish like yer man in the canteen would be more right leaning,ie republicans.


Ah 6 now I think


Shove it up your bollox.


5 thick individuals reposted it…


in the same thread?


@croppy_boy said something similar the other day. Are ye just having imaginary arguments with imaginary people that are having imaginary snowflake backlashes or what’s the craic with ye?







Sickening stereotyping from Siobhan Lydon.


I particularly like the way that ‘Bob’ Murphy takes it upon herself to ‘mansplain’ to the rest of us why this happened.


toxic matriarchy