Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Spanish government have had a nightmare here. Vote would never have passed. The ruling class catalans want ‘independance’ because they dont want to subsidise the rest of Spain of which the vast majority is a shithole unemployment blackspot. I enjoy seeing all the latchicos from places like ireland attach themselves to stuff like this. Social media bluebottles circling around shit at any mention of the word ‘independance’


the funniest thing is the pretend ira lads urging the splitting up of Spain


they gave up on the north of ireland and seem to think their opinion on what should happen in spain is somehow important.


It’s gas, Irish left wingers trying to dictate to the likes of the American and Spanish people how their own political system should operate. They don’t lack for neck, anyway.

They also eulogise some English or American fella in a band who performs over here and disrespects our head of Government by wearing a “tote bag” (whatever that is) with repeal on it and forcing his (and the lefties) view down the throats of everyone.

They’d have kittens if the Pope or anyone else comes over here and publically voiced a different opinion to them on these issues.


you couldn’t make it up


Did you see the demonstration in Londonderry over the weekend


they learn their Spanish history, the same way the learn Irish history, through the comments section of ira youtube videos :joy:


no, what happened?



The new poster boy of the Irish on-line leftie is Catalan freedom fighter Gerald Pique who earns 200k a week playing soccer at weekends and is willing to retire from international football in the fight for Catalan freedom.


Come again?


the way the reports are being framed today, you’d swear he gave his life for freedom


Big teary, red eyes on him and threatening to walk away from the Spanish national team.

It was a real fit of Pique.


Ramos is a better defender than him anyway.


You need more than one centre half mate


Good point, relevant.


Sergio Ramos is harder than Chuck Norris .


The Palestinians will be mightily peeved that the Shinners have found a nearer focus for MOPEery .


Celtic Park will be awash with Free Catalonia, Free Palestine and Free Derry banners the Ultras won’t know where to look


this awful awful situation in catalonia is crying out for christy moore trevor hogan and glen hansard

they have a great way about them in times like this to help make the irish feel better about themselves