Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


not even a flake


She seems level headed. But rent free in dublin, doubt she knows how lucky she has it


Oh fuck, i sense another fooley doing e story coming


I’m sure you’ll regale us all with another spliff, fixie, hot buttering or Filipino bride story :roll_eyes:


I love the way its just the ordinary looking ladies who are carrying a half a stone weght and with a penchant for loud hair who feel the need to parade in their boring underwear.


Be thankful for small mercies.


It’s a cry for help.


Under normal circumstances women like them are invisible to men.


Most women are rideable ffs


It’s a cry for attention. Attention is the modern ages most sought after commodity.


When you scroll up good and tight on that third pic youll notice there is actually a bit of work there for @chocolatemice s missus.


We all deserve our fifteen minutes.


We really don’t


You can’t say that these days.


Indeed, the world is full of warholes (sic)


It’s all egoism. These people are the definition of narcissism. Usually it’s online where they can fade into obscurity for the most part but now they are in your face as you walk down the street. If they are not marching in parades they are occupying buildings illegally, if they are not doing that they are lying down in the front of college green or waving placards citing “my body is not a vessell”. I’m sure they will go on to be wonderful contributors to Irish society


More contribution than you’ve ever made I’m sure.


He’s taken last weekends trimming badly


Knickers should be over the suspenders.


Harsh, my taxes will pay for mental health services for you and the 3 girls down the line.