Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Having the suspenders over the knickers is another way of saying this is not consent


He takes everything badly


Some programme about feminism now on RTE 1 . Good to see them tackling a niche issue that gets no publicity .


Is rating each of these 8 bad taste?

Off to a solid 5 out of 10


If she has to go for a piss or a poo she’ll be unfastening and refastening something fierce.


This programme is going to be a shining example of impartial and thorough journalism i feel


She could just pull the knickers to one side, unless it’s durchfall


She is cracking jokes that are borrowed from Chubby Brown .


Oh I wouldn’t say everything


A ginger Cork lesbian physicist to kick things off.


People that laugh out loud at their own jokes. Working with one currently. Is there an allowance for murder here


They need to get Margaret Cash on here to provide some balance.


Its pure narcissism. Useless people who are also narcissists who can’t offer anything real or meaningful to a situation, normal people would leave ir there but not the thick narcissist.
So obsessed with themselves that they have to resort to that type of base level idiotic nonsense like walking round like a halfwit in your knickers desperate to make people think they are making a big effort for a cause rhey are too thick to understand but read about it on social media


That last story was fucking grim


It was.

What is Harris doing on here? Sort out the trolley crisis, you creep.


Lovely set of baps.


On the ball as always. Cutting straight to the chase


They are probably down the doctors today looking for a cert for week because they have “Flu” from walking around in there underwear.



That poor divil is morbidly obese.