Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


They’re enabling her addiction




I would anticipate a meltdown


bound to happen and I doubt it’ll be the first. not the first time a trial has collapsed on an indo article either.


What case is it?


Who wrote the article?


Interesting and tellinb that you consider rape to be a snowflake issue. Naturally Art was the first response. I’m sure the rest of your TFK misogyny crew will be along shortly.


Here I am sorry I was late :pray:


What’s your point?

You are already lashing out with the usual lame misogynistic comment. Snowflakes don’t seem to want due process as evidenced by the ill conceived #ibelieveher campaign. This is a natural conclusion of that.


I see you’re rattled, judging by your spelling.


No idea. I’d generally only follow rape cases of high profile public or sporting figures.


My point is that it is interesting and telling that you consider rape to be a snowflake issue. Can’t you read?




Alleged rape.


You’re the expert.


Where did I say that pal? You are constructing a false narrative.


Don’t be so juvenile.


You chose to post a link about a rape trial in the snowflake thread. Interesting thought process.


in fairness to @glasagusban here, why is this in the snowflakes thread and not the things that are wrong? It isnt a snowflake issue that a woman who, in an accusation of rape it has to be said, will never get justice for it because of the media reporting of her extremely personal incident where she alleges she was attacked. How is it a snowflake issue for her to have this trial collapsed? surely it is a terrible precedent and one that should not happen at all, whether snowflake, misogynist or rapist. Its already few and far between the amount of rape cases that end up going to trial, and fewer again that are being prosecuted. Its going to the stage now where women are better off taking their rape and shutting up about it.


just did a search on the indo site, there’s a couple that are skating around in generality but I cant find anything that corresponds with what was said in court so it must have been pulled.