Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Because @TheUlteriorMotive is a misogynist.


Because the snowflakes on Twitter are going to be outraged at due process


Says the man who dismisses women regularly on here due to their physical appearance


A weak effort at deflection.


You’re a misogynist.


so cases that collapse due to media interference and people getting outraged over it makes them snowflakes? People should be outraged over it. Its ridiculous that it happened.


That’s a very unedgy viewpoint


What prompted that article to be written? Who tends to hold that viewpoint? They don’t believe in due process and regard a trial as an unnecessary exercise to establish guilt.


The “I know you are but what I defence”.

It’s easy to see how you are such a hot shot corporate lawyer. I’d say that taxi driver never saw you coming. Female as well wasn’t she? Interesting.


Deflection. You regularly categorise and dismiss women on here based on their physical appearance. You want to gloss over that. You are a misogynist.


dare I say he wants to glas over that!


I’m sure you have numerous examples then.

And of course if I do it naturally means you are free to dismiss rape as an issue for snowflakes. You must be delighted with that.


I do. I can’t be arsed to post them but you know you do it a lot and have the gall to label a person a misogynist.

The nuance of my point about an article, espousing the snowflake view that we should effectively ignore due process and convict all men accused of rape without due process, leading to a collaps of a rape trial has been lost on you.


I cant say I know enough about snowflakes to say they dont want due process, and of course there are going to be a lot of, predominantly women, who are always up in arms over cases like these.

But the stance defence teams take, and the lack of prosecution considering the reporting of rape, something is abundantly wrong. There are idiots who will go around saying Ireland is rape culture etc, and that is foolish, but at the same time, there is a serious issue in this country about rape cases. Firstly about the lack of reporting to gardai about rapes, then the lack of bringing cases to courts and finally the lack of prosecution. Obviously any cases have to follow due process, but the manner in which these cases get brought forward, where the defendant is the one under most of the intense scrutiny is all wrong. Its also completely wrong that defendants are named prior to any adjudication.


So you’ve an wild allegation and you can’t back it up. You don’t stand up well under questioning do you?


You’re rattled to fuck now and leaving out words.

What do you want me to back up?

Are you denying you categorise or dismiss women based on their physical appearance. It’s a matter of public record you do and I have no need nor desire to show it. You know you do it and need to be honest with yourself.


“you’re rattled as fuck”. You know you’re losing an argument on TFK when…

Your defence has been a weak effort at deflection, which you can’t back up. Followed by a weak long winded effort to “explain” your first post. And now we’re back to the deflection.

A swing and a miss. Cut your losses on this one.


You need to be honest with yourself about your misogynist tendencies. That way lies healing. You have refused to answer the question so we’ll draw our own conclusions.


You’re a lame duck. Move on.


here’s the offending article, an exercise in stupidity when a case is ongoing