Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Boycotting Arramark for supplying food to direct provision centers is a bit bizarre? Would they prefer that no one fed them? Surely there’s a more productive way to exhibit displeasure at the system.


This is an old story. It’s a protest at how aramark runs some of its centres. In was prompted by the episode where the centre refused to give a woman a slice of bread for her sick child.


Allegedly. All there was by way of evidence of this was a Facebook post.


Yet again Art having a pop at a woman and one of the weakest in society.

Would the apology from the department of justice and equality be enough for you to be satisfied that the incident occurred? Would you even bother having a go if it was a man?


As I’ve said before I’m an equal opportunities giver of abuse, but as usual don’t let facts or anything like that get in the way.

Got a link to the DJE apology?


Yet you usually target women and secondarily the weakest in society. Consistent and pathetic.

Go google it you’ll find it easily enough.


I’m targeting you because you’re weak.

No link to the apology? Offf to the TNH with you then.


You’re not targeting me, you’re babbling like a fool.

I’d say it’s what you’d sound like if challenged by a woman in real life.


So still no link to the apology?

So you’re a liar then and hopelessly compromised.

Your willingness to be outraged when anyone has the slightest querying of any of your hobby causes is something to beheld. To take the step from pointing out that the only evidence of the story was a post on Facebook is me picking on the weakest and a woman as well is mind boggling.

You remind me of Kenneth Williams in carry on Caesar except instead of infamy you’re shrieking misogyny






Bumped for Foley.

I presume your apology and withdrawal will be forthcoming now.


whilst I agree that now there’s proof that DJE apologised after an investigation, and that the event certainly happened, there’s more chance of me growing a fellaini than you getting an apology. you jumped in studs showing when all I said was that the only evidence for this was a facebook post.

in short go fuck yourself, weirdo.


Are you talking about the haircut or an artificially grown Felaini?

The reason I ask is because I reckon the current one is already a copy and nested copies wouldn’t be a great idea


the haircut (the joke being i’m a slaphead, ergo no hair)


So your attack on the woman (pattern) was baseless (pattern). You called me a liar and were wrong. And you went on big long rant and made a big fucking fool of yourself.

You really are a stupid cunt and to top it off you are too thick to apologise when you are wrong.


wheres the attack that youre talking about weirdo?

also, I asked you 3 times for the link and then you put it up and didn’t even have the cojones to tag me

youre a fucking looper and you’ll probably be murdered by fake afghan asylum seeker trans vegan