Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


be the test tube :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ah lads. This really is flogging a dead horse at this stage

匈ll get my coat


The job is dehydrated animal juice substitute


I suppose it will be up to me to take the flower by the thorns and lead by example for the forum on this.


If there was ever a man to feed a fed horse tis yourself


trans-abled is the new one, people who want to be identified as disabled, even though there is fuck all wrong with them


Would you be entitled to disabilty or early retirement if you were trans-abled? :thinking:


Apart from needing a toe up the hole


its actually more disturbing than that.

They cant identify with being fully-abled so they look for a means to permanently disable themselves, cutting off of limbs, paralysis etc.



Dobbo mugging off PETA lady on morning Ireland. Throwing in cart before the horse, chicken and egg, going the whole hog, nervous as a kitten, whale of a time.

Unreal radio from Dobbo.


Dobbo could barely contain his bemusement at whole thing


First world problems as the man said.


Wouldnt expect anything else Petal.


Move on Balbec, no need to feed a fed horse on this one.


Slaphead will be on later to revive the poor horse.


The lowlight for me was that he was addressing her as Doctor something or other a Doctor of what?


Do they do podcasts, old bean? I think Id like to hear that.


They do. It was near the end this morning


Jesus he made some tit of that fucking eejit. Doctor me hole.


was she a proctologist?