Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


The screaming marys are seriously rattled by this craic in catalonia. They must have nothing to be worrying about. You couldn’t make it up.


They’ll go out and find a few Spanish whores to bang to show the Catalonians what’s what.


Have you warned your best man not to include any reference to ‘caprice’ in his speech?


Damian Dempsey is writing a song about this at the moment.


He’s not half the man that Sergio Ramos is.


They’d shit themselves if the riot police came for them though…


And the only reference to robbing will be about “stealing the Princess’ heart”.


Ramos is a warrior.


Not many are


Good enough for the snowflake


Check out this pretend RA yardape


I was banging a spanish sociology lectureur from UCC there a number of years ago. She had a deep interest in history too and had trained to be a teacher here. She said Irish history was as farcical as Spanish that is taught in schools.

I know fuck all about Spanish internal history really, but i do know Irish History is a load of nonsense in school.

So maybe we are well placed to comment. Many irish people commenting very sensibly on this


Good post although the start is a bit crude


@Rocko, are the post ratings broken? I seem to only have 7 (seven) likes for my fit of Pique pun.


Fucking eejit


It’s a slow burner


Seems to be working fine mate. I just got a nice post for my very Petty pun.


I wanted to leave people in no doubt this was pillow talk​:wink::joy:


That galls me.


That pleases me