Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Please don’t use puns about the French. We don’t want any Francophiles here, especially given that Catalan independence is the subject at hand.


The Hertha Berlin players taking a knee before the game today. Them Germans have some cheek



The prince is a rapist cunt.


I’ve been campaigning for years to have Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs removed.


The country is fucked


Spare a thought for @mac and pinnochio.


If I ever see that bastard prince walking down the road I’m going to beat him up severely.


Are you suggesting that Gepetto was up to no good?


He’d be arrested in this day and age


Cinderella shouldn’t be defined by her shoe size



Wife knows somebody in our kids school who swapped her kid over start of this year to a new school “as he was being bullied”. He refused to go to his new school in September. He has not been in school now since last June. Kid is 8.


That kids parents should be beaten to death in a public square as a lesson to others. Something drastic needs to happen to save mankind from itself.


Friend of a friend moved her child from the crèche because the woman there was " a little bit negative " towards the child and never saw the good in him. The story continued that the mother knows “he can be a bit of a handful, but that’s not the point”.


Is it any wonder teaching is a dying profession. Imagine having to deal with cunt kids every day, and then having to deal with their cunt parents who are convinced that their precious (in every way) little cunts can do no wrong.

Going ‘post-parent teacher meeting’ will be a thing soon.


Your job as a parent is “don’t raise a cunt”. Everything else looks after itself.


The kids are never the problem.


I’m saying the same for years and that’s only dealing with juvenile gaa teams. Any coach with a bit of cop on will have the child back every week regardless of game time or ability, sure you tell them they’re great and you need an impact sub etc, all grand and everyone happy until snowflake Mammy or Daddy decides to stick their hooter into the situation.


I had one parent tell me that their son was suicidal because he had lost his place on the team and he didnt know what would happen if he didnt get back on it. The main reason he was on the team first of all was to give the weaker lads game time in the league phase and then at knockout it was best 15 going. So he got a hape of game time he probably shouldnt have, but yet I get threatened that he’ll kill himself because of me. I dont ever believe for a second he was suicidal either. he didnt care enough about football or hurling to kill himself over it. If he was that serious, he wouldnt have to fight for his place on the team.