Spiders and Insects

New training regime to prepare for taking on @thelimericks

Pure terrifying. I couldn’t get a decent photo such was the fear etc. I might as well emigrate to Australia

The fuckers are everywhere

Man needs to defeat nature before its too late

False widow? The coal shed is infested with the bastards need to run the gauntlet.

Not sure tbh. Its lurking in the hen house…its bigger than some of the hens

You’re luckily a valued poster here although I can never understand why - your sporting prowess has its benefits I suppose. Here’s the standard TFK solution:

Check fire insurance policy.
Casually mention your issue to an arsonist from the next village.
Remove hens to a safer roost.
Keep a long hose connected to an outside tap.
Keep your mobile charged and on at all times.

Await developments.

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We all need flame throwers with these cunts infesting the place.

Haven’t a notion what you’re on about mate

In the garden 3 weeks ago, discovered a leech on my ankle. A stripey fucker which I’ve never seen before, about 30mm long.
This is the result, even 3 weeks in, still very very itchy and very sore to touch. I’ve had the fuckers plenty of times before but this one was obviously carrying some sort of venom or toxin.
I fucking hate them.

Jesus Christ

Would you come home out of that mad house…it’s no place for people, especially gingers