Spiritual Experiences


It’ll start out as a man-cave before morphing into an in-house calving shed.

You’re a cunning, devious fucker.


The lives we lead at the moment are screen lead, and filled with acidity and bloatedness


what is important? we have to ask ourselves that


I was talking to Mrs J about this last night. She’s mad for some Australian ‘slow living’ podcast. They suggested that you write your own eulogy to really find out what you’d like people to say about you and therefore what legacy you’d like to leave. Then you know what’s really important to you and can live your life accordingly.
Sounds a bit over egging the barbie to me but each to their own.


That’s a wonderful idea. No reason why a man should have to leave the comfort of his pajamas to Jack out a calf


You’ll have them above in the bedroom with you altogether next.


Ultra running is way to get to the next level of consciousness, I have been closely studying Scott Jurek and Yiannis Kourous lately, they report out of body experiences when you push beyond all the normal boundaries, I’m talking 24 hours non stop here and even more, a level of clarity and serenity is acheived that mere mortals can never attain, it must be better than ecstasy tablets, its where I need to be


Very time consuming. How often would you be advised to do one of these?


It’s an individual matter. I suppose you can make time if you really want it.


Where are we with equalism lads?


Would you not consider a more well established method of achieving an OOB, rather than destroying your joints pounding the pavement for days?


We can take it or leave it.


I am going to sit in the park after Parkrun later for an hours meditation, to try and do a bit of work on myself


Keep us informed how it goes kid .


there is something deep inside me stirring today


I’d call that hallucinating to be honest


I am really questioning myself today, where do I fit in? here on the mainland, making loads of money and spending it just as fast in an awfully materialistic way? or at home in Ireland? living a simple existence, going for walks in the burren and reconnecting with the soil? maybe looking after my parents as they enter the final lap? I had sex with a young wan on Saturday night, it was very rough, I feel out of touch and lost, can I ever run a marathon again in under 3 hours? its been 10 years


We are all here for you, mate.


In fairness Tassi you’ve had a feed of porter and more than likely you’re in the grips of the fear. Plenty of water and bananas and go for a run this evening and first thing in the morning. That’ll clear out the fog


There’s a guy in Mullingar who specialises in this sort of thing Tassoti. Give him a call N Breslin