Spiritual Experiences


Better one day as a lion than a life as a lamb pal. Us cork boys know that. We don’t drive down the middle of the road


Didnt you work in a bank?


Anyone been to confession lately ??


My old fella sent me to confession two days before I got married. That was seventeen years ago. Does that qualify as lately?


That’s your call .


I do sometimes. Especially raw onions. They always make me cry.


2 birds from Portadown more or less raped me back in a flat after Irland-All Blacks game in 2002.
Once over initial shock it became a spiritual experience that i look back on with great fondness.

It was a big turning point for me with Dirty Proddy Northerns too.

Tom Humphries thread

That never happened


Most people would make up a story about a threesome but of course you’d have to be raped by them :rollseyes:


Predictable jealousy


Went home with one of them, she sent in her mate a few mins later. Joined us a while after.
It was under the ground level on one of those old georgian houses in Ranalagh.

A great night for the republic


Nordie women are lovely.


Great ladies.

Especially the prods. Partial to Derry Nationalist women too.


They really look after themselves up there.

The accents are a bonus too.


I am reading about Buddhism and self actualisation at the moment. I want the peace these lads are on about


This is where you come from chief. You have to get some peace in that


I’m building on an extension to the house next year. I’m tempted to add a dedicated meditation room to it. A little place of sanctuary where I can merge body and mind and visit the core.



You get a better class of slut in Britain


Good job at posting the photo chief :thinking::joy::ok_hand: