Spiritual Experiences


This song popped out of nowhere on my Spotify shuffle play. It caught me completely off guard and I’m lying here in shreds.

Imagine his mindset when he penned this… I’d say we’re killing ourselves with WiFi signals and shite food, sure a lad couldn’t even contemplate writing something like this in this day and age.

Some song.


I had sex last night that was on the edge of cosmic.

Woke up relieved, happy, drained and content. Some women have it.

It was as close to spiritual as i can get.


You sound like a man that was taken to places he didn’t think possible


That never happened


Good for you mate.

Try it more regularly to avoid talking absolute pants about it though.


You used the term pants???

And i have to learn how to talk about sex?

Take a long look at yourself.



And nothing you’d find on a porn site either. Just a woman thats with it.


Good man Kev a great way to stay warm during the cold nights but don’t scare her off now with your sexpert knowledge and previous encounters.




Don’t bring ghosts into the bedroom fella. Just experience and an open mind.

My uncle told me that a long time ago.

You are only an expert with one oerson after a period of time. Its often a re-learning process with a new squeeze.


odd conversation to have with your uncle


A Tassotti-esque post :rollseyes:


16/17, riding young wans came up.

He steered me well.

Whats odd is you think thats odd.


I always get a kick out of the ordinary irish lads discomfort with talk about sex.

Ireland has only changed in a superficial way it seems


Taking sexual advice from your uncle :nauseated_face:


I had cousins. So he knew what he was talking about




That reads all kinds of wrong. You sound like Cletus with your uncle’s sex talk and he must know because you have cousins! :rofl:




Ah jayses Kev. Every so often you put a few posts together that make you seem a bit normal. But then you blot your copybook on a day like today.