Spiritual Experiences



The sense of humour is appalling here

Lot of lads getting no ride either obviously.


Says the fella blowing on about getting it last night :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Kev’s uncle.


Looks like you are falling in love here.
It’s very nice to see.


You may be right.

A great place to be


Posting “I had sex last night” on an Internet forum is odd. It’s something a primary school child or a weirdo like @HBV or @Ambrose_McNulty would would do. Just an observation, don’t mistake that for discomfort, I don’t have any hangups.


I didn’t have sex last night, guys.


It’s the best thing in the whole World, you’re a lucky man.


@caoimhaoin having very very good sexual intercourse with a young lady seems to have driven a few lads demented.


You’re the deviant that’s been telling the forum about all the tradesmen you’ve had over to tinker with your flu(t)e.


Did you not comment on here before about perving on some lady eating a banana in Stephen’s Green?

EDIT: How many primary school children do you know who talk about having sex last night?


Jesus christ that’s poor.


i remember that ‘i didnt have sex last night’ post of yours about those two lovely american girls who lured you back to their hotel room with a bottle of Pinot Grigot only for you to fall asleep and piss in your pants




It’s not my fault that can only read 50% of every post.


Just catching up on this, my word what a thread :smile:


Its fascinating to see what he has done to some of the lads on here


Bit difficult with your standard of English.


I said i had unusually good cosmic sex that was as close as i can get to “spiritual”. It was not with whores or someones wife or anythibg like that.


Virgins aint gonna get it Kev, let him be. He’ll get his nut eventually, whoever that lucky boy will be.