Spiritual Experiences


deary me





Jamiroqui is a cunt.


Some man to dance around a couch though


I suppose you encountered him in Didsbury?


No, he’s just a cunt.



That has brightened up my evening no end.
Thank you very much.
I would really like to see that little rodent end up in a council flat.


Fair play to the little photographer. Took some balls to deliver that with all the security cunts around


its time for reflection and reevaluation


What a glorious morning.


I just had some black pudding with cheese on rye bread Mrs J had left in the toaster. It was spiritual


I found a bit of peace at mass. Out on the bike all morning. I must have cycled 25 miles along the Thames path. I saw a few families out walking and Dads teaching their kids to cycle. It awoken something deep inside me


Seeing kids cycling awoken something in you?


It’s nice logging into this thread and seeing that cunt Jay Kay getting a loaf :clap:


I was running up along North Wall Quay from the 3 Arena towards the Convention Centre Dublin around 9pm with my Spotify on shuffle and Zombie by The Cranberries came on. I had been running at 5 min / km pace but it was into the teeth of a stiff wind. It suddenly felt like I wasn’t moving (even though I’m very athletic and fast) and then it seemed like I was in slow motion. Then it was almost like I was I stopped in time and transferred back to my childhood. I started thinking about when I first heard that song and then I started thinking about life passing by in the blink of an eye and mortality. And then I started crying my eyes out about Dolores O’Riordan. I was never so relieved to reach the turn left onto The Samuel Beckett Bridge but I cried all the way home. I definitely lost around 45 seconds between the jigs and reels of it all.

cc @Tassotti.


I went out this morning to try a new thing called plogging with a group of people, it is running and picking up rubbish at the same time, it turned into a unreal experience of self discovery, we filled about 25 bags in 4 hours around the common, I think I might become an environmentalist, people are filthy


reading inspirational posts like this is what makes tfk worthwhile


You working your way through the alphabet?